Tilting Axis conference in Barbados

Joscelyn attended the inaugural two-day conference Tilting Axis: Within and Beyond the Caribbean - Shifting Models of Sustainability and Connectivity that was held at The Fresh Milk Art Platform, Barbados, on February 27-28, 2015. This meeting aimed to promote greater conversations and engagement between artists and professionals working within artist-led initiatives across the wider Caribbean region, build and redefine historical relationships with those in the North, and establish open dialogue with active networks emerging in the Global South.

Organized by Fresh Milk, ARC Inc., Res Artis and Pérez Art Museum Miami, Tilting Axis saw the founders/directors of several of the region’s artist-led initiatives coming together to engage in face to face conversations, along with a number of professionals from outside the region interested in working with Caribbean based initiatives.

Read more about the conference from Arc Magazine and from Fresh Milk.